Have you or a family or friend been injured while at a Florida amusement park? If so, you may need an amusement park personal injury lawyer to help. Florida is home to a number of major amusement parks that attract visitors from all over the United States and the world.

A few of the most popular amusement parks in Florida are located in Orlando. Amusement parks in Orlando include Disney World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and many more. With thousands of park visitors daily, injuries are bound to occur. However, amusement park accidents are not limited to make theme parks.


  • Fixed-Site Rides – places like Disneyworld, Six Flags, or Coney Island
  • Mobile Amusement Parks – places like traveling carnivals
  • Inflatable Rides – bounce house, inflatable slides, chutes and obstacle courses

If you are injured at a fixed-site ride, mobile amusement park or on an inflatable ride, the owner and/or operator may be held accountable. The owners and operators of these rides must adhere to specific safety regulations so that unnecessary accidents and injures do not occur.

Causes of Amusement Park Accidents

  • Stopping a ride abruptly
  • Improper assembly of a ride
  • Improper maintenance of a ride
  • Broken structural components
  • Missing safety pins
  • Malfunctioning lap bars
  • Malfunctioning safety restrains
  • Exposed electrical wire
  • Design defects
  • Rusted belts
  • Loose cables
  • Corrosion of parts

Each year, thousands of people are injured at amusement parks. Most amusement park rides are generally safe, but amusement park accidents do happen. If you or a loved one has been involved in an amusement park accident, it is important to know your legal rights. Contact the Law Offices of Randy C. Botwinick. We will provide a free and immediate consultation to answer all of your questions.