Air travel is usually considered a safe mode of transportation. However, with so many people traveling by air, there is an increase in aviation accidents. Aviation accidents can cause serious injuries, sometimes fatal.


  • Pilot Error
  • Air Traffic Controller Error
  • Faulty Equipment
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Bad Weather
  • Structural or Design Problems
  • Violation of FAA Regulations



It is important to hire an experience aviation accident attorney because determining liability is a complex process. Liable parties could include:

  • Owner of an aircraft
  • Operator of an aircraft
  • Manufacturer of Parts
  • Person responsible for maintaining parts
  • Federal Government

Preparing an aviation accident case is complex and intricate. An experienced aviation accident attorney should immediately begin working on this type of case as soon as possible. This will ensure that you and your family receive a fair and comprehensive compensatory recovery.

The most important factor to consider for you and your family is that it is vital that you do not speak about the case with any representatives of the at fault party’s insurer without consulting with an attorney. The at fault party’s insurance company representatives will not be looking out for your best interest. They represent the at fault party and are only concerned for their interests and the interests of their shareholders and owners.

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