The first question asked almost all of the time is HOW MUCH IS MY CASE WORTH?
It is generally the most difficult question to answer without the proper information and documentation.
It is impossible to put a number on a case without examining all of the details first.


Details that need to be examined are:

  • What is the injury and how long will it last?
  • Has a doctor evaluated the injury and what will be written in his report?
  • Will there be a disability and the degree of disability?
  • Will there be any type of scarring?
  • Who was at fault for the accident? If you were partially at fault for the accident then a percentage of fault needs to be assigned to the at fault party.

If they were 50% at fault then your claim may be worth 50% less. This is something discussed with the insurance company.

  • Did you lose wages as a result of this accident?
  • Did you lose your job as a result of this accident?
  • Did you incur out of pocket expenses as a result of the accident?

Once an attorney has an opportunity to review these details, then an intelligent answer can be given about the worth of a case.